Mobile Dropbox Website Builder


Smartphones have higher quality cameras now than ever. Many of us take most if not all of our photos with our phones. Unfortunately there's no easy way to publish all these great photos to a Portfolio Website.

I built this app as a gift for a photographer. Once this app is deployed to the cloud, regardless of your mobile platform, you can download the dropbox app, create folders (which will populate your Portfolio Website's categories, and drag and drop your favorite phone-captured photos. They are immediately synced to your Portfolio Site.


Key Features

Technical Details & Takeaways

There are certainly more elegant ways of achieving bi-directional sync with Node.js and Dropbox's API, but I was able to quickly put together a working implementation.

Once configured, the app makes it easy even for someone non-technical to publish their photos from anywhere and categorize them however they wish.

Writing this app was fun because it required extensive use of Node's file system module. It was interesting to experiment with both the synchronous and asynchronous methods.