RSS Stacker - Node.js Command Line Tool


Ever since falling in love with Node.js (which is my favorite language) and the simplicity and ease of NPM, I have been fascinated by the idea of making a command line tool in Node. RSS Stacker came out of a need to quickly find large groups of feeds around a given topic or group of topics. At the time, we were building a feed processor into the BrightContext platform, and I constantly needed more test data. Thus RSS Stacker was born.

I'm happy with how intuitive the tool is. It's smart enough to check for files that you may have already created - in case you happen to be building up a master list of various feeds on different topics. You can then append to an existing file or create a new one.


Key Features

Technical Details & Takeaways

This was my first time using Node.js for something other than a web app, demo or online service. I had a lot of fun getting to explore Node's built-in command line functionality and creating a useful tool for myself that I still use today. This was also my first open source contribution as the source code is available on Github here.

Building this command line tool gave me many more ideas for more complex tools that could be used to perform all kinds of regular and tedious web based tasks automatically and in the background.