Content Marketing & Monetization


Many years back I started writing articles online to make extra money from Google Adsense. The screenshot above shows the all time traffic metrics of the first WordPress site I created back before I was a programmer. Today, I publish 3-6 guest posts per month and the site continues to be a healthy earner for me. I have over 500 SEO-optimized articles published across different sites that continue to provide me with a passive income stream. My time as a self-employed content marketer have taught me the value of writing clear, engaging content and implementing strong on-page signals to drive traffic, conversions and earnings.


I have 482 SEO-optimized articles published on Infobarrel which generate revenue every month. I have learned to use high quality images and on-topic but naturally written keyword-optimized language to increase my articles' rankings and drive more traffic. It has been tremendously rewarding to see my earnings from Google Adsense and the Amazon associates program grow over time.

Storage Auctions Kings

Several years back, I worked as a property manager overseeing several facilities during the initial Storage Auction craze. I decided this would be a good topic to build an informative site around.

Years later, the site continues to earn me money through Adsense, affiliate agreements I have created with industry leaders, and sales of an e-book I published on Amazon explaining how the storage auction process works and how to best make money by attending storage auctions.

I wrote all the content on the site until I built up a critical mass and began to rank highly enough to receive inbound requests from industry marketers and storage managers to publish their guest content on the site. Now that I am a developer with two WordPress plugins included in the official repository, I can look back proudly to have far I've come from when I first struggled for hours trying to change the background color of a single page. Today I no longer need to produce my own content for the site and simply manage the placement of new content that is sent to me by businesses, marketers and content producers.

(And yes, now that I'm a web developer I realize the site looks horrendous. It's on the list.)