Git-xargs allows you to run commands and scripts against many Github repos simultaneously


git-xargs demo


have you ever needed to add a particular file across many repos at once? Or to run a search and replace to change your company or product name across 150 repos with one command? What about upgrading Terraform modules to all use the latest syntax? How about adding a CI/CD configuration file, if it doesn’t already exist, or modifying it in place if it does, but only on a subset of repositories you select?

You can handle these use cases and many more with a single git-xargs command. Just to give you a taste, here’s how you can use git-xargs to add a new file to every repository in your Github organization:

git-xargs \
  --branch-name add-contributions \
  --github-org my-example-org \
  --commit-message "Add CONTRIBUTIONS.txt" \

In this example, every repo in the my-example-org GitHub org have a CONTRIBUTIONS.txt file added, and an easy to read report will be printed to STDOUT :

Git xargs table report

Try it out

git-xargs is free and open-source - so you can grab it here:

Learn more

Read the introductory blog post to better understand what git-xargs can do and its genesis story.