I am a full-stack software engineer and artist currently working at Gruntwork.io.

I open source much of my software and write technical tutorials and articles on development.


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Recent writings

I love to share what I've learned via tutorials and technical deep dives.

Super CatFacts Service in Golang and K8s

I built a ridiculously over-engineered CatFacts service in Golang as an example of a clean and maintainable web service. Then I deployed it to Google Cloud via Kubernetes.

Golang Kubernetes Tutorial
Cf-terraforming Terraform export utility

We wrote a Golang CLI that lets you export your Cloudflare resources into Terraform config and state files.

Cloudflare blog
Golang CLI Terraform
Dogfooding Cloudflare Workers

We wrote a worker and put it in front of api.cloudflare.com and dash.cloudflare.com to handle graceful TLS deprecation and to help test the platform.

Cloudflare blog
Javascript Serverless Workers

Work experience

I have over 8 years of experience in full stack development.


Software Engineer

  • DevOps automation

Software Engineer

  • Core engineering team responsible for Cloudflare's control plane
  • Full stack systems design and engineering

Software Engineer

  • Build systems, UI and microservice development
Johns Hopkins

Software Engineer

  • Bespoke web application development for clinical trial projects

Software Engineer

  • Employee #9 of realtime stream processing engine startup
  • Acquired by WealthEngine