Zack Proser

I am a senior software engineer at I open source much of my software and write technical tutorials and articles.

My technical writing has appeared on:

I hold the following certifications: AWS Sysops Administrator Associate, AWS Developer Associate, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Hashicorp Terraform Associate.

AWS Sysops Administrator Associate
AWS Developer Associate
AWS Solutions Architect Associate
Terraform Associate
AWS Cloud Practitioner
Super CatFacts Service in Golang and K8s

I built a ridiculously over-engineered CatFacts service in Golang as an example of a clean and maintainable web service. Then I deployed it to Google Cloud via Kubernetes.

Golang Kubernetes Tutorial
Cf-terraforming Terraform export utility

We wrote a Golang CLI that lets you export your Cloudflare resources into Terraform config and state files.

Cloudflare blog
Golang CLI Terraform
Dogfooding Cloudflare Workers

We wrote a worker and put it in front of and to handle graceful TLS deprecation and to help test the platform.

Cloudflare blog
Javascript Serverless Workers

Work experience

I have over 11 years of experience in full stack development, automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Senior Software Engineer

  • DevOps automation

Software Engineer

  • Core engineering team responsible for Cloudflare's control plane
  • Full stack systems design and engineering

Software Engineer

  • Build systems, UI and microservice development
Johns Hopkins

Software Engineer

  • Bespoke web application development for clinical trial projects

Software Engineer

  • Employee #9 of realtime stream processing engine startup
  • Acquired by WealthEngine