Things I’ve built

I’ve worked on tons of small and large projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. I open source most of my code.

  • This Next.js site / app

    I have been maintaining, upgrading, building features into a re-styling this portfolio site for the past 12 years for practice and learning


  • Pinecone's first AWS Reference Architecture

    The Pinecone AWS Reference Architecture is a production-ready distributed system that demonstrates Pinecone and AWS best practices at scale


  • panthalia

    Panthalia is an AI-assisted mobile blogging platform for creating media-rich posts on the go


  • automations

    Shell scripts leveraging generative A.I. to make developer workflows buttery smooth and way more fun


  • cloud-nuke

    Efficiently find and destroy your AWS resources by type, by region and with support for regex based inclusion or exclusion


  • git-xargs

    Make the same change across many GitHub repositories quickly. Run any command or script on multiple repos.


  • procrastiproxy

    A Golang proxy that can be easily deployed to block distracting websites during a time window you configure.


  • Teatutor

    Configure and deploy custom quizzes over ssh. Written in Golang and leveraging Terminal User Interface (TUI) library Bubbletea.

  • sizeof

    A Golang command line interface (CLI) and experiment - co-authored with ChatGPT4 via Neovim AI plugins that turned me into an AI-enhanced developer.

  • cf-terraforming

    While I was an engineer at Cloudflare, I worked on cf-terraforming, an open source "reverse terraform" tool, that can generate valid Terraform configuration based on your existant Cloudflare API settings in your account.

  • Quake in AWS Fargate

    An Infrastructure as Code tutorial, where I demonstrate how to define and launch a game server as code, and even connect to it from your laptop to game with your co-workers.