How do you write so fast?

How do you write so fast?

How do I write so fast?

Occasionally someone will ask me how I am able to write new content so quickly. This is my answer.

There are two reasons I'm able to write quickly:

1. I write in my head

I mostly write new articles in my head while I'm walking around doing other things. This means that by the time I am back at a computer, I usually just need to type in what I've already hashed out.

2. I automate and improve my process constantly

The fact that I'm constantly writing in my own head means that my real job is rapid, frictionless capture.

When I have an idea that I want to develop into a full post, I will capture it in one of two ways:

  1. I'll use Obsidian, my second brain, and add a new note to my Writing > In progress folder

  2. I'll use my own tool, Panthalia, (intro and update), which allows me to go from idea fragment to open pull request in seconds

I've found there's a significant motivational benefit to only needing to finish an open pull request versus writing an entire article from scratch.

Going from post fragment (or, the kernel of the idea) to open pull request reduces the perceived lift of the task.