Tech I wish existed: super hearing aids

Tell me where to send my money!

In this post I will dream big about "super hearing aids" that extend my senses and enhance my intelligence.

I don't believe we're that far off from this product existing, so if you know of something similar, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

LLM onboard with vector storage and internet access

They need to be small enough to be comfortably worn, yet I expect unreasonably long battery life. They should be hard to notice yet unobstrusively enhance their wearer's senses and intelligence.

Super hearing aids enhance your senses and intelligence

For example, an onboard LLM could auto translates any incoming language to my native tongue, help me remember important facts, dates, alert me that I'm going to be late...

They can be subtly signaled to start or stop listening and recording things and then eventually rules can be set based on context (never record inside my home).

Pushes me real time alerts that relate to my safety or my family's safety

Super hearing aids help keep you alive

In essence, the super hearing aids are a blend of our best state of the art technologies that are easy to keep on me all day and which attempts to help keep me alive.

They will remind me how to retrace my steps and guide me back to where I parked my car, but also alert me to dangers I might not be aware of on my own. Even giving me advance warning on a danger I would otherwise detect myself but later on would be advantageous.

Super hearing aids push safety alerts to the user

This includes alerting me of events nearby such as shootings, extreme weather, traffic congestion, police reports that are relevant to my immediate safety, etc.

They could automatically call and route family and EMTs to my location if I fell ill or lost consciousness...

Super hearing aids could function as auto life alerts

Seamlessly connects and disconnects from entertainment systems

Super hearing aids seamlessly connect to entertainment systems

When my super hearing aids aren't actively preserving my life, I'll expect them to preserve the ideal audio balance so that I can hear what's important.

I'd like them to pair automatically with my devices so I can hear the TV across the room without blasting everyone else in the room with higher volume.

I'd like to be able to hear my game and have a conversation at the same time.

For less leisurely times, such as in stressful interpersonal conflicts, or certain professional settings, I'd like to be able to switch on recording and auto-transcription, ideally without it being obvious.

My expectations are high. What's going to be the first device to check off all these boxes?