Learn by doing

We believe in project-based learning for real skill-building. We help you display every completed project on your website to create a real-world portfolio and get hired.

Project-Based Learning

Do project-based learning for real skill-building.

Real-World Portfolio

Use every completed project to create a real-world portfolio.

Get Hired

Use your portfolio and new skills to get hired.

Project-based learning for the win


How it works

Zachary Proser's School for Hackers is a project-based learning program with two goals:

  • Help you build real-world software skills
  • Help you demonstrate these skills effectively so you can get hired
Real projects designed by a Staff-level software engineer
Exclusive guidance and career advice available only to students
Learn from and network with other students
Courses are designed to roll up into your portfolio, building your online presence and helping you stand-out to hiring managers
Marketable skills
From Infrastructure as Code to software engineering, CI/CD, automation, deployments, command line tools and more
Get pair-coding and real-time help from teachers
Get hired
Get your next job by leveraging your portfolio and new skills
Real software projectsHigh quality adviceNetwork with other studentsBuild a real portfolioDevelop hands-on skillsMentorshipBuild a real portfolio