Master GitHub Pull Request Reviews with gh-dash and Octo - A YouTube Video Tutorial

Hacker reviewing code in his terminal

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate the power of combining gh-dash and Octo for a seamless terminal-based GitHub pull request review experience. In this video, I show you how these two powerful tools can be used together to quickly find, organize, and review pull requests on GitHub, all from the comfort of your terminal.

Topics covered

Discovering Pull Requests with gh-dash

We'll kick off the tutorial by showcasing gh-dash's impressive pull request discovery capabilities. Watch as we navigate the visually appealing TUI interface to find, filter, and sort pull requests under common headers, using custom filters to locate the exact pull requests you need.

Advanced GitHub Searches in Your Terminal

Explore gh-dash's advanced search functionality in action as we demonstrate how to perform fully-featured GitHub searches directly in your terminal. Learn how to search across repositories, issues, and pull requests using a range of query parameters, streamlining your pull request review process.

In-Depth Code Reviews Using Octo

Once we've located the pull requests that need reviewing, we'll switch gears and dive into Octo, the powerful Neovim plugin for code reviews. Witness how Octo integrates seamlessly with Neovim, enabling you to view code changes, commits, and navigate the codebase with ease.

Participating in Reviews with Comments and Emoji Reactions

See how Octo takes code reviews to the next level by allowing you to leave detailed in-line comments and even add GitHub emoji reactions to comments. With Octo, you can actively participate in the review process and provide valuable feedback to your colleagues, all within the Neovim interface.

Combining gh-dash and Octo for a Streamlined Workflow

In the final segment of the video tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to create a seamless workflow that combines the strengths of gh-dash and Octo. Learn how to harness the power of both tools to optimize your GitHub pull request review process, from locating pull requests using gh-dash to conducting comprehensive code reviews with Octo.

By the end of this video tutorial, you will have witnessed the incredible potential of combining gh-dash and Octo for a robust terminal-based GitHub pull request review experience. We hope you'll be inspired to integrate these powerful tools into your workflow, maximizing your efficiency and productivity in managing and reviewing pull requests on GitHub. Happy coding!